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Dynpet is a Free/Open Source software game programmed in Ruby and licensed under the GPL. The objective of the game is to take care of a virtual pet, similiar to the Tamagotchi. It is developed by Han Dao.

See download page for information on downloading the game and screenshot page for screenshots.

Help and Community

You can join the player community at the Dynpet channel located on the Freenode network. or for people who want to help develop the game, see the developer mailing list.

Version and Status

The latest version of Dynpet is 0.0.7 as of Janurary 8, 2007. The status of Dynpet is pre-alpha, and is experimental in term of gameplay. The reason for this experimental status is the attempt to reach what the developers deem "fun", but also cool. If you have ideas, join the developer mailing list.


Janurary 8, 2007: Site updated and Dynpet 0.0.7 released. Many contents of this site are revamped, and much of it is deleted. Dynpet 0.0.7 is the second rewrite of the game. The changes are enormous. The size of this release drawf all of older versions. It is now a graphical game, with entirely different gameplay(although incomplete).


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